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How to hang Floating Shelf

How to Hang a Floating Shelf Instructions

Follow the easy steps for hanging your floating shelf.


Step 1. Determine where to hang your shelf.


Step 2. Screw through the cleat into wall, not tight yet.


Step 3. Level and secure second screw through cleat into wall.


Step 4. Line up the second cleat touching the first and attach the first screw through this cleat.


Step 5. Level this cleat.



Step 6. Screw securely through cleat into wall


Step 7. Cleats are in place ready to attach shelf.


Step 8. Slide shelf onto cleats. Check to make sure it slides into place. Remove shelf and tighten all screws holding the cleats onto the wall.


Step 9. Slide shelf back onto the cleats. Make sure shelf is tight to the wall.


Step 10. Screw securely through the shelf into the cleats. (Screw head covers are provided.)

 floating-corner-hang-shelf-step-11-copy.jpg11. Shelf is ready for decorating.


Please note:

If the screws farthest from the corner do not go through a stud, you may want to use a wall fastener.


Call if you have any questions.

1-800-498-3791  or  1-719-372-6445





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